How to Notify Companies after Changing Names

The most time-consuming part of the name change process is notifying all the government departments and various companies who keep your details on record. This can be an overwhelming task. Doing this yourself takes about 20 minutes per company to research the process and follow up with a written notification and proof. Allow about 8 hours if you have 25 companies. Using a quality name change service cuts out all the research, form filling and letter writing. It only takes 10 minutes!

Use a notification service

Save hours with our ready to send letters and forms! Simply choose all your organisations from our database of over 650! Instantly receive personalised and ready to send forms, letters and emails. Full procedures are in your personalised company checklist, so you’ll always know where to call, visit a branch or log in to your account instead. Our kits are guaranteed to save you hours or we’ll provide a full refund!

Do it yourself

Want to save a few quid? We can still help! Start with our beautiful and customised name change checklist. Browse our 650 companies and check off who you need to notify. We’ll email you a checklist so you won’t miss anything! Now comes the painful part – research or contact Every. Single. Company. It will take HOURS, usually spread across several weeks as you wait for companies to confirm their process and send any forms.

Which companies should I notify?

This is a long list and should include any places where you currently have an account, record, identification, membership or subscription. Include government departments: passport, HMRC, the DVLA and your local council; your employer; utility providers – gas, electric, water; communications providers for internet and phone; financial services providers from your bank and mortgage provider to store cards and digital finance; anyone you hold an insurance policy with – health, car, home, contents, pet; professional associations and accreditations; individuals like your doctor or solicitor or accountant; and any clubs or membership schemes you’re part of, from your gym to the library. All these companies have been researched and you can get all the information and paperwork needed in just a few minutes!

See how much time we can save you!

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Proof of your new name

There will be a range of proof and identification required among your companies. Mostly, it’s proof of your name change. For marriage, that’s just your official marriage certificate. Going back to your former name? Provide your divorce decree (if issued) plus your birth certificate. All other name changes need a deed poll. Some companies may have additional requirements, especially if you have an unenrolled deed poll. This is usually an updated photo ID or could be a sworn statement, letter or proof that your name has been changed elsewhere.

You may be asked for a certified copy. This means you need to send in a copy of your documentation signed by someone in a position of authority. You could use a solicitor, but it’s more affordable if you can arrange certification via the post office.

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