Who can certify a copy?

What is a certified copy?

Many organisations don’t want the responsibility of accepting original documents by mail and photocopied documents can not be authenticated against the original. A certified copy is a photocopied document that has been signed, dated and checked against the original by a person who holds a certain position of responsibility. In some instances you’ll only need your marriage or deed poll certificate certified, however, some organisations may also require certified copies of photo identification.

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How do I know when to send a certified copy?

If you’ve purchased our name change kit simply check the enclosure notes on each ready to send letter, email or mailing slip. We state exactly what document you should include as proof of identity. We also explain if it should be your original, a photocopy or a certified copy. Occasionally, a company may have a narrow range of people who can certify, in which case we list it on the notification.

Who can certify a copy?

Some companies insist on a solicitor to certify your documents, such as when dealing with name changes on some property titles. Where a specific professional is not prescribed, you can ask any professional who is of good standing in your community to certify your document. Ideally, they will have a professional registration number. This may be a:

  • Practicing lawyer
  • Bank or building society official
  • CPA
  • Councillor or member or parliament
  • Police officer
  • Teacher or headmaster
  • Doctor, dentist or registered nurse
  • The Post office has a certification service. Their documents are widely accepted.
They should check your photocopy and make sure it is the same likeness as the original. Then write the following information on your photocopy:
  • “I certify that this is a true likeness of the original”
  • Sign and date the document
  • Print their name
  • Provide their telephone number and address
  • If the person is a member of a professional association, it’s recommended they provide their membership number and association name.

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