Changing Names with the DVLA

Changing Names with the DVLA

Changing Names with the DVLA

If you're changing names for any reason, we recommend notifying Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) as a priority. In England, Scotland and Wales the DVLA is responsible for driver licencing and car registration.

Complete form 'D1 - Application for a driving licence'. Order this form online at or pick it up from most major post offices. Return the form with your current drivers licence. If your licence has been lost, stolen or destroyed, you will have to mention this in the form. The DVLA will allow you to change names even if you're disqualified from driving. Your new licence will be sent to you three weeks after application. If you live in Northern Ireland, the DVA holds a similar process for changing your name, just check their website.


We recommend making your driving licence a priority when changing names as many other organisations will accept an updated licence as proof of your new name. On presentation of a wedding certificate the DVLA will accept a double barreled or hyphenated name, while some organisations will ask for a deed poll certificate. However, many of these organisations will accept an updated licence, saving you the trouble of getting a deed poll certificate.

The DVLA is not the only organisation you will have to contact. Don't forget your passport, HMRC and to amend your Electoral Roll registration. Ther's also your phone account, bank records, credit and store cards, loyalty programs and more. You can either search online for all the necessary forms and procedures and then spend a few hours on hold, or save yourself the best part of a day with a personalised name change kit.


Changing names? It’s always best to start with government issued photo ID, like your driving licence. We take you through the process.

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