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Take your time on the next page to choose which companies you need to notify. Be sure you have checked off all the companies you could possibly need because you can’t make any changes once you click ‘finalise & send’! 


Provide basic information which is populated across all your letters, forms and emails.  All other information is optional (eg: DOB, account numbers). Unanswered questions can be completed offline.


Your kit is only created when you click ‘finalise & send’! Our emails may go to spam! We only save your data for 3 months, so log back in before then to download a duplicate kit or regenerate ready to forward emails. You can upgrade to a printed kit at any time from the downloads page.


  • You won’t get a form for every company! You may need to call, visit a branch or go online instead. Read the company checklist to know what process to follow for each listing.
  • We’ve emailed your login details, including a system-assigned password. It could be in spam.
  • Your account has no expiry, although we delete company selections and sensitive form data 3 months after you register or finalize (whichever is most recent)
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