HMRC Name Change

HMRC Name Change

HMRC Name Change

HM Revenue and Customs need to be told as soon as your name changes and also if your domestic situation has changed (such as marriage, divorce or civil partnership).

Change your name online

You can change your name via the HMRC website.  Complete the HMRC name change online form. Once completed the form will be emailed to HMRC and all associated records will be updated. You need your National Insurance number, plus additional information to validate your identity (such as your employers PAYE number, Unique Taxpayer Reference number, or the name of your current and/or previous employers). (cont...)


Who gets notified

Updating your details on the HM Revenue and Customs website will notify a range of departments of your new name, including;

  • National Insurance
  • PAYE (Pay as you earn)
  • Self Assessment
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Fund Trust
  • Student loan
  • Tax credits

Or change names by mail

You also have the option to change your name by mail. Send the letters included in your Easy Name Change kit. As name change notifications by mail are specifically addressed to individual departments, you must send separate letters for each HMRC department that needs to be notified.

Changing your name everywhere else

Along with HMRC, ensure government issued photo ID (such as your driving licence and/or passport) are among the first records updated when you change names. Next, notify all the other organisations where you have an account or membership. Companies have different policies for changing names, sometimes requiring a letter, form, phone call or attending a branch in person. We provide the name change procedures and any corresponding paperwork for over 600 UK organisations, and it's free to browse our database.


Notify HMRC of your new name as soon as possible. Do it online or use our ready to send letters. Make this one of the first organisations you notify.

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