Citibank Name Change Procedure

If you hold a current or savings account with Citibank you should update your account information as soon as possible after your name change.

If you have legally changed names by deed poll, you must inform Citibank immediately. If you’re changing your name after marriage, divorce or separation you are still legally entitled to be known by either your birth or married name, however it is always recommended your bank account records match your current identification, such as your driving licence or passport. We always recommend updating bank records as soon as practical after updating your photo ID.

Easy Name Change customers can send the pre-written and pre-addressed name change request provided in their personalised kits. 

When changing names, each organisation sets their own procedure asto what evidence they need to see and what steps you should follow. Institutions such as Citibank set more stringent requirements to document your name change because they hold your funds and can allow you to access credit. Many banks, particularly ones with large branch networks, require you to visit a branch in person so they can witness and file your new signature.


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