Greenpeace Name Change Procedure

If you’ve got a Greenpeace card and have recently changed names you’ll need to have your plastic card updated. Organisations that issue credit, like Greenpeace, have the obligation to safeguard your account. This means you’ll be required to show sufficient evidence of your name change before your account can be updated. While the exact requirements on documentary evidence and procedure will differ between financial institutions, you may be required to visit a branch in person, or send your original marriage or deed poll certificate by mail or just a certified copy.

We can supply comprehensive information on how to change your name with Greenpeace. If you need to send a letter or are required to complete a Greenpeace form, we’ll provide it for you. We’ll also let you know what supporting evidence you need to include with your request.

Greenpeace is probably just one of many organisations you need to inform of your new name. Click below to browse the name change database and see who you can change names with. In minutes you’ll have complete name change procedures for all your companies, plus company forms and ready to send letters and faxes.

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