Divorce Decree – replacement

Divorce Decree – replacement Name Change Procedure

If you know the court where the divorce took place and your case number then contact them directly for a replacement certificate. You can send the form provided in your kit or else write a letter or email with the date of divorce, case number (if known) and your contact details. The court can call you and take the £10 payment by credit card payment over the phone.

If you do not know the case number the court will search 5 years either side of the date you suggest for  an additional £45.

If you do not know the case number or which court you must complete the form provided and file with the Central Family Court for £65. This includes a 10 year search period and the replacement decree absolute. Complete form D440 ‘Request for search for Divorce Decree Absolute’ and send to the applicable court. Complete as much of the form as you possibly can, ensuring care is taken with the spelling of names. For more information call 020 7421 8594.

Once you recieve your decree absolute you can go onto update all your records, accounts and memberships! Select all the organisations you need to notify and recieve persoanlised and ready to send forms, letters and emails. Where one of our notifications says to include a copy of your ‘certificate’, we mean your marriage certificate and divorce order. All UK organisations accept these 2 documents together as proof of your entitlement to be known by your former name and will update your records accordingly.


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