Aussie Credit Cards

Financial Name Change Procedure

Changing names with financial institutions generally require more involvement and proof of identity so that your account can be safeguarded from identity theft. The procedure to update your name on your Aussie credit card is generally not posted online, and you will be required to either call up and wait on hold, or visit a branch in person.

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If you’re changing names after marriage, divorce or separation chances are you’ll have around 15 other organisations to notify, including Aussie. If you don’t want to make 15 phone calls and wait on hold with each company, we can give you all the name change notifications you need, written in your name and ready to sign and send.

So don’t bother calling up to get information on updating your Aussie account. You can have all the name change procedures, information, letters, forms and emails in the time it takes for Aussie to answer the phone.


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