Great Southern Bank (formerly CUA)

Financial Name Change Procedure

To change your name with Great Southern Bank (formerly CUA – Credit Union Australia), you can either return the pre-populated name change form by mail or in person at any branch. Be sure to read the form carefully for the required proof documents, which will need to be certified if you mail in the form but not if you submit it in person.

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If you prefer to manage your own name change, contact Great Southern Bank directly for their name change form. You will also need to set aside around half a day to make a detailed list of all the records you need to update, call each company and learn what the name change process is, then set aside a few more hours to complete forms and write letters. A better choice is to save a day’s work with an Easy Name Change personalised kit. Simply select which companies you need to change names with, then we’ll let you know each company’s requirements and provide any corresponding paperwork.


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