HSBC Bank/Credit card

Financial Name Change Procedure

Regardless of the type of accounts you hold with HSBC, you can use the one name change form to update your name and any other details across all your accounts. Complete the HSBC Change of Customer Details form and return using the pre-addressed Easy Name Change mailing slip. You can also contact HSBC to obtain the form directly.

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If there are any other changes to your personal information, such as your employer, contact details, or communication preferences, you can also update them on the same form before returning it.

Easy Name Change is a service that provides specific name change forms and notifications tailored to over 500 Australian organisations. With our pre-addressed letters and personalised documents, you can simply sign and send them! You don’t have to spend time on hold to learn each company’s name change procedures, obtain necessary forms, or write letters. We handle everything for you.


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