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Financial Name Change Procedure

Want to change your name with ING Bank? First, you have to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate, change of name certificate, birth certificate, or decree nisi. They’re pretty strict about the certification, so you’ll need to take your original documents to a professional like a Justice of Peace, accountant, medical practitioner, or solicitor. But if that’s not doable, don’t worry – you can always grab an Easy Name Change Certified kit instead.

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If you’ve got an ING Orange Everyday account or ING Savings Maximiser, you have to let them know about any name changes using the ING ‘Change of Personal Details’ form. You can find the form in your Easy Name Change kit or call up ING and ask for it. Make sure to read the form carefully ’cause it tells you what kind of name change proof they accept and who can certify it. Once you’re all set, send in the form using the pre-addressed Easy Name Change mailing slip.

Easy Name Change is your one-stop-shop for name change procedures! We’ve got forms, letters, emails, and step-by-step instructions for over 500 Australian organisations. You can browse our database for free and choose which companies you need to notify. Plus, we’ll personalise and prepare all your documents so you can just sign them and send them off. And to save you even more time, we provide full lodgement details for all the companies, so no more waiting on hold or guessing where to send your docs.


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