National Australia Bank

Financial Name Change Procedure

If you’ve changed names you will need to ensure your NAB bank account is in the correct name. There’s no easy way around it, you must attend a NAB branch in person. You will be required to show original proof of your name change, such as your BDM-issued marriage or legal name change certificate. While not necessary, it may help speed things up to take in any NAB bank credit cards or ATM cards.

If you need to change names in other places, like on your super, insurance policies, phone account, ATO, and everywhere else, save yourself the hassle of spending all day on the phone and simply send off Easy Name Change personalised notification letters.

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We also supply company-specific name change forms for companies that have them. It’s free to browse our database and select your companies, so save yourself a day of hassle and waiting on hold. Get all your name change procedures and paperwork delivered!


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