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Superannuation Name Change Procedure

No matter what your reason for changing names, Active Super members must update their policy accordingly. It’s best to change all accounts and identificaton at the same time. If you leave Active Super off the list it can lead to complications, such as discrepancies between superannuation funds and payroll records, problems when switching jobs, or difficulties when proving your identity.

Stringent identity verification rules are in place for all superannuation funds, including Aware Super. This is to safeguard your assets, given the substantial funds involved. Change names by completing the Aware Super name change form – we provide this in your personalised kit. You also need to include a certified copy of your marriage certificate or legal name change certificate, issued by Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Australia. You have the option to provide certified photo identification or authorize digital identity verification. It’s important to note that updating your name with Aware Super is just one of the many companies where this change is required.

Why do I need an Easy Name Change kit?

If you need to change names you’ll need to set aside 8 hours over many weeks to get all the research and paperwork done. It’s a thankless task, unless you really like waiting on hold and looking for forms. Easy Name Change can get all your paperwork prepared in just 15 minutes. We take care of everything for you. Get ready to send change forms, personalized letters, and ready to forward emails in a flasg. It’s usually as easy as attaching your marriage certificate and hitting the send button. Say goodbye to the hassle and let us make your name change process a breeze!


Ready to change your name now?

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