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Superannuation Name Change Procedure

If you’re changing names from marriage, reverting to your former name or legally changing names, Aware Super members should update their policy into their new name. It can create issues where superannuation funds don’t match the name on payroll or when you go to change jobs.

Like all superannuation funds, there are stringent rules around your identity. These are in place to safeguard your assets, as there can be considerable funds in superannuation. Aware Super needs you to mail in the name change form, which we provide as your complete name change solution. You must provide a certified copy of your marriage certificate or legal name change certificate and this must be issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia. You can choose between providing certified photo identification or signing consent for your identity to be checked digitally. Aware Super is likely one of dozens of companies where you need to update your name.


How can Easy Name Change help?

When you change names you need to get all your accounts, records and identification moved over to your new name in a short time period, otherwise you can have issues when changing jobs, applying for credit or opening accounts. If you contact each company one by one to figure out what you need to do and follow up with any written requests it will take months. Easy Name Change cuts this down to 15 minutes. We provide all your name change forms, letters and emails personalised in your name and ready to send. It’s usually as simple as attaching your marriage certificate and sending.



Ready to change your name now?

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