Integra Super

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

Integra Super (One Path) has been closed to new members since 2013, and all existing members have been moved over to ANZ super products, either My Super or Smart Choice Super. If you need to change names with your Integra Super account, contact 133 665 first.

For all the other companies where you need to change names, including ANZ super, we recommend an Easy Name Change kit. Let us provide you with each company’s special name change forms, plus ready to send letters, emails, and details of name change instructions for all your companies.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Many companies need to see copies of your proof of name change. We’ll explain what documents to provide for each company, and where they may need to be certified. Our kits typically save you around 6 to 8 hours of research and paperwork.


Ready to change your name now?

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