MLC MasterKey Personal Super

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

If you have an MLC MasterKey Personal Super account you should change names as soon as practical. Complete the MLC Updating your Account Details form, included in your Easy Name Change kit, or available on request to MLC. Name changes are most likely to occur as a result of marriage or divorce, so you may want to review your address and contact details and make any necessary changes on the same form.

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When tackling the task of updating details on file with your superannuation policy, it’s a good idea to think about any old super policies you may have had with previous employers and consider consolidating all your accounts, or reviewing your investment strategy. It’s a great time to talk with a financial planner or consider reviewing your financial strategy,

Superannuation companies, like MLC, must always received your original signature on the correct form for the name change to take place, and you must send in certified copies of your proof of name change, as listed on the form. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Easy Name Change provides you with all the forms necessary to change names, plus ready to send letters and emails. Simply complete and sign our documents, add the name change proof document listed, then send! Our personalised kits are created in your name and each document is pre-addressed for your nominated company. With over 500 Australian organisations listed, we’re sure to save you over 8 hours of research, letter writing and waiting on hold.


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