Retail Employees Superannuation Trust (Rest)

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

No matter if you’ve changed names from marriage, are reverting to your prior name, or have legally changed names, you should keep your superannuation accounts updated. Rest, the Retail Employees Superannuation Trust, recommends its members to use its convenient online services for any account updates or requests. If you need to change your name, simply complete the name change form that is easily accessible on the Rest website, and provide your proof of identity to complete the process.

Alternatively, use the change of name form included in your Easy Name Change kit. Provide both your old and new names, plus old and new signatures on the form. You may also use the form to notify a change to banking and payment details (pension members only). Return the form using the pre-addressed mailing slip. You must include a certified copy of your certificate, as listed on the mailing slip.

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Many individuals forget to update their superannuation after a name change, causing the process to drag out over months or even years. To streamline the process and ensure all your important records are updated in one go, consider using our name change service. With just a few basic contact details and your full old and new names, our service enables you to browse our extensive database and identify all the organisations that need to be notified of your name change. We’ll then take care of everything else, from providing letters or emails for you to send, to sourcing any special name change forms.

Easy Name Change provides company-specific name change forms and ready to send letters and emails for hundreds of Australian organisations. Click below to get started and browse our database of over 500 companies. It’s free to see who we cover. We’ll then provide you with detailed company name change procedures and ready to send paperwork, pre-addressed to each company where name change is accepted in writing. In many cases you can just sign and send!


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