Retirement Benefit Funds (RBF)

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

If you’re a Retirement Benefits Fund Superannuation member and have changed names you should ensure your policy is updated into your new name. Complete the RBF Change of Personal Details form included in your Easy Name Change kit. You can also call RBF to get a copy of the form sent to you. RBF require certified copies of documents to be returned with the form by mail. Return all the necessary documents using the pre-addressed Easy Name Change mailing slip.

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If you have a number of superannuation funds, now is the ideal time to roll over all policies into one fund. It can be more challenging rolling over down the track when you have a different name on your old policies as you may need to go through a proof of name change process again.

Need to change names with other companies? Simply select them from our comprehensive database with over 500 listings. We’ll then send you all the paperwork you need, so you can just sign and send. We also provide detailed instructions on how to change names with all your chosen companies, so you don’t need to waste hours on hold.


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