Name change
after marriage

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How to change names after marriage, Florida

Congratulations! You’re married and have decided to take your spouse’s surname! The not-so-great news… it can take weeks to get all your accounts and records changed over to your new name yourself. 

Our service saves the hassle of contacting each company to verify their process! Our ready-to-send forms, letters and emails means you save hours of tedious administration!  

Even better – you only need your marriage certificate to get started! Simply attach it to our personalized notifications and send! You’ll still need to visit the DMV and most banks in person, but our instructions and hacks will save hours!

Couples should appear together at any Florida local court to apply for their marriage license. Paties must be ready to prove their Social Security number or other identifying records, such as driver license details, when applying for the license. 

A Florida marriage license will cost $93.50. Licenses are valid 3 days after being issued and can be used throughout Florida for up to 60 days.

The person conducting your ceremony has 2 weeks to file the completed marriage license with the registrar from the county where it was issued. You may then order a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the county clerk where filed.

Most counties allow for walk in service. Many also have online ordering systems. Fees vary between counties, but you can expect to pay around $15-$20 for the first copy. Locate your county registrar or recorder here. It is not recommended to order from California Dept. of Health Vital Records as wait times can be up to six months.

Most agencies will only allow you to change your name to what is currently recorded with the SSA. Ensure the SSA has updated your name before changing names with the DMV. Complete and return form SS5 ‘Application for a Social Security Card’, included in your Easy Name Change kit. The SSA updates their records within 2-3 days of receiving your request. There is no fee.

Once your name has been changed with the SSA, use the DMV online application to apply for a new DL/ID card with your new name. Standard license applicants will only need to show their official marriage certificate. If upgrading to REAL ID, you can do so in this application and will need to show various documents; proof of identity, proof of SSN and 2 proofs of CA residency. You must visit a DMV licensing centre in person to show original identification, your current license, have your picture and thumbprint taken and pay the fee. 

If you have a vehicle title, take it along with a statement of Facts form (available in your Easy Name Change kit) and your current license. Submit to the DMV by mail or in person. Fees are only applicable if you request a duplicate title.

If your passport was issued within the past 12 months you can apply for a free replacement with form DS-5504. Passports more than a year old should use form DS-82 and full renewal fees are payable (Passport books $130. Passport cards $30, fees subject to change without notice). No credit is given for unused time remaining in your passport.

If you have a large amount of time remaining in your passport, you may choose to leave your passport in your prior name while still updating all other records. It’s advisable to take proof of your name change should you need to prove your identity when travelling abroad.

If you are married in California, you must include your name change on the license at the time of application. Changes are only possible to middle and/or last names. Either spouse can elect to make the following changes, and spouses may have different surnames;

Last names

  • Take either spouse’s current surname
  • Take either spouse’s birth surname
  • Hyphenate both surnames
  • A single blended surname, where any part or segment of both spouse’s birth or current surnames are formed together to make a new surname
  • Leave your last name as is

Middle names

  • The current surname of either spouse
  • The surname of either spouse at birth
  • A hyphenated combination of the current middle name and current last name of the person or spouse
  • A hyphenated combination of the current middle name and the birth last name of the person or spouse
  • Leave your middle name as is


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