Supporting Documents

In some instances you may be requested to show suitable ID to verify yourself as the account holder. This is done to help safeguard your account and minimise the risk of fraud.

In most instances, companies will want to see government issue photo ID that has been updated in your new name.  This can include a passport or drivers licence. 

In some instances you may be asked to show '100 points of ID', and you may also be asked to have your identification verified.  The company sending that request will usually explain the weighting of each piece of identification so know what to include to reach 100 points. Or else it can be up to the person validating your identification papers to prescribe a weighting to tally up to 100 points.  As a general rule, try to have at least one piece of government issued photo ID, and 2 other pieces of identification, one with your current address (such as a utility bill). 

We recommend taking around 5-10 photocopies of your ID (try to keep it together on one page) and have these copies verified as true copies at the same time as your marriage certificate.

Our name change guide has full details on 100 points of ID and how to certify a copy. 

Example identification documents:

Passport (current or expired in last 2 years)
Birth certificate / Extract
Citizenship certificate
Driver Licence
Tertiary Institution Student card
Plastic card / Passbook / Statement from financial institution
Utility bill or council notice (in your full name and stating current address)
Foreign drivers licence (current and in your full name)

* Verified copy and certified copy is the same thing.

When changing your name with banks, credit providers and financial institutions it is a good idea to include a verified copy of your identification along with a verified copy of your marriage certificate.