Changing a Child's Name

Name change for children is quite common and can occur for a number of reasons: children may take a new surname as parents divorce or marry, spelling mistakes on birth certificates may be corrected or adopted children may take a new family name. These are just a few reasons. 

To change a child’s name the parents/guardians will need to lodge an application with Births, Deaths and Marriages. Both parents need to consent to the name change.  Any other parties who are listed as guardians must also consent to the name change.  If the second guardian is not able to consent to the name change (ie: is dead, missing, unknown, not of sound mind) a reason can be provided and a statutory declaration can be lodged to this effect. If you have a more unusual circumstance you can state your case to the RBDM and ask for a recommendation on how to proceed.

Unfortunately the Easy Name Change Kit is not suitable for children, however the notification process is easy enough to manage yourself.  There are usually fewer organisations to notify regarding a new name for a child.  These organisaitons would typically be schools, insurance companies and any health care providers.  Although evidence of a new name for a child can be traced via documentation, it is still a good idea to update your will with the new name of your child if they are a benefactor.

If a child is over 12 years old their consent is recommended. Contact the Births, Deaths & Marriages to obtain the necessary forms and any further information.

Easy Name Change kits are not suitable for children, but the process is simple enough to manage yourself.